Exhibit Posters

Posters are a great educational tool for identifying the manufacturer, model, year, owner, builder (s), and specifications of an automobile displayed at a car show or street meet.  Many of the spectators at these events know little or nothing about the cars on display.  Also, many of the parts used in the build are hidden deep within the engine or underneath the vehicle.  Posters can be used to display those items to the public.

This poster was made for my son to place in front of his car at street meets. It includes most of the logos for the manufacturers used in the build of his car. Brief descriptions were placed around the photo of the car to highlight customizing he has done to the car. A "To Do" list is also included to inform viewers of future work he has planned for the vehicle.

This poster was made to display with this car at auction. It displays various build process photographs, completion photographs, various components as well as specifications.

This poster was made for a car show focusing on the specifications of the build, including photos of the underside of the car not easily viewed without a lift.  Photos of the completed car aren't needed, since the car will be displayed next to the poster.

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