Types of Prints Available

Limited Editions

A Limited Edition print is an edition that has a fixed number of prints from the beginning of the print run, and the number of prints never changes. Limited Edition prints are marked with two numbers: the unique number of the print and the size of the entire print run. For example, the first print in an edition of 20 would be marked as 1/20 and the last work in this edition would be marked 20/20.

I usually print my work in three sizes and limit the number of prints to a certain number at each size.  I limit the number of prints to a certain number for each size. Limited Edition Sets break down as follows:

Example:  Limited Edition of 160 Prints

1/160 – 20/160,Print Size 24” x 36”

21/160 – 60/160,Print Size 15” x 21”

61/160 – 160/160,Print Size 10” x 13”

Each Limited Edition Set is printed exactly the same. Although they are not all printed at the same time, each print in the edition is printed on the same paper, with the same inks, by the same printer and is mounted using the same mounts.

Each Limited Edition Print is signed on the front and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Artist’s Proofs

Artist’s Proofs are special prints that traditionally were test prints, but the term has now come to mean prints that are identical in quality and media to the Limited Editions and are perceived to have a higher value because they are the artist’sown copies.

Most artists limit their Artist’s Proof prints to 10 – 15% of the full edition size.

Open Editions

There are no limits to the number of prints, sizes, and media type available in an Open Edition.  Open Editions are signed on the front, but not numbered.  A print may be available as a Limited Edition or an Open Edition, but not both.

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